About Roadwest

About Us

We create web video that thinks outside the box and cuts through the clutter. We make stuff that's fun, engaging, and different.

We take projects from an idea right through to completion. If it can be thought of - why don't we make it?

What We Do

We produce videos of all kinds - from comedy marketing, to promotional videos, to corporate, to narrative stories.

But our focus is the web. We deliver our videos through the web and promote them online. Why? Cause that's where you want to be. The stats show it. Video on the web is massive, and we all know it.

Why not TV? Well, why pay a bazillion dollars more to put your ad on TV? If you can make it funny and unique enough, you can spread it around the web to more relevant eyeballs than any TV station. Just think about the last great ad you saw - you probably saw it online, hey?

What Drives Us

Bottom line is - we do the work because we love doing it. And we'll take care of you, because we think that's important.

If we had to boil it down to one thing, it would be: Respect. It's pretty basic. We respect your need to have a great video that engages people. And you respect our ability to create that for you. Pretty simple.

Also, we're nice people that believe in creating a relationship. We don't take ourselves too seriously. That's why our site is built out of fun movie posters - it's hard to take yourself seriously when you’re creating something like this.

Our Team

Roadwest is headed up by a team of four key members. They'll work tirelessly to get things done, and to make your experience a great one.

Joel Goundry

Joel Goundry

Artistic Producer & Production Manager

Joel is our go-get-em guy. He comes from a creative background of writing, directing and performing, but he's really good at making a project go from start to finish. He handles a project from the beginning to the end in a way that's easy, relaxed and fun. He also thinks of the back-up plans. If you're asking where the umbrellas are when it starts raining, Joel's thought of it.

Dan Perrott

Dan Perrott

Creative Director & Post-Production Supervisor

Dan is our ideas guy. He creates, writes, directs, composes music - and has done so for both the screen and the stage. His ideas create fun and exciting projects. His experience with scriptwriting and knack for storytelling is what bumps our projects up a notch. He looks at things from a different angle, which in our experience is always a good thing.

Evan Thies

Evan Thies

Technical Director & Digital Media Specialist

Evan is our tech guru. Every company needs one. You know that guy you give your computer to so he can fix it? Evan's that guy. He knows more about codecs and video uploading than most of us knew existed. Ever heard of MPEG-HEVC? He has. That's why we trust the tech to the best. And Evan's background in web production means we're also up on the latest web tech.

Bri Strong

Bri Strong

Operations Manager

Bri is our trusted belayer. As we reach for new heights, you can find them supporting the workflow process of the team each day. From relationship-building to storyboarding, from phone-calling to high-fiving they've got your back. With experience in visual art, administration and education - they bring a passion for people and process.

Why Choose Us?

We're down-to-earth, relaxed, and genuine guys. We don't take ourselves too seriously, but we pride ourselves on creating great relationships and working with good people.

You want to make a video, but not sure what's needed? Well, we get it - and we're keen on solving that problem. We'll guide you through the process in a relaxed, informed and easy environment. The process can actually be fun!

Our Approach:

We begin all our projects with an eye for something different. We want to chat with you about what you have in mind, but we also want to encourage you to think differently. We'll look at all the different options for your video.

Elements we think are important:

  • Story: We all love a good story. Your ancestor Ug loved telling them around the campfire. And you still love hearing them.
  • Style: This is where Ug got quieter for some parts, and louder for others. It's the difference between bland and spicy. A story is nothing without style.
  • Humour: Not all of Ug's stories were serious. When Ug's buddy slipped on the ice and fell, it was pretty funny. And those stories spread pretty fast.
  • Cinematic: If the story looks and feels good, then it's engaging. Ug made sure to set the mood with some good campfire light.

So think about it - we may be the perfect choice for you.

What People Say

"Roadwest Pictures helped me create my very first yoga DVD - a project I have been dreaming about for over five years. Working with their team was so enjoyable, right from the first email exchange. They are polite, diligent, hard-working, detail-oriented and extremely professional. One thing that really stands out for me is that Roadwest truly cared about creating a DVD that was exactly what I envisioned. They never tried to steer me in any direction other than my own. I hope I have another opportunity to work with Roadwest in the future. These guys are so talented and humble all at the same time - it was such an easy and fun experience."

Yoga with Sara

"Roadwest is a pure delight to work with! On set they are professional, courteous, creative, and fun. They treat talent and crew with genuine respect and you can count on Joel to personally make sure things are going smoothly for you. Their experience in front of and behind the camera gives them a rounded personal perspective which contributes to their efficiency on set. It is encouraging to watch their team navigate through challenging locations, actors, extras, rigging, makeup effects, centurion garb, weaponry, and lighting all at the same time, and with smiles! Roadwest's production competency combined with their team chemistry and character makes them a stand-out company. I recommend them to anyone looking for a quality product and quality people."

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