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The film & video process may be new to you, or you may be an expert. Either way, we’ll guide you through the entire process, from start to finish – whether you have an idea already, or need help getting started.

The process begins with creative development meetings to percolate ideas, brainstorm concepts, and then ultimately solidify a direction. This might involve creating a storyboard or moodboard, a comprehensive script or layout, and formulating an organized plan to move forward into production.


We work with you to plan out all the details of filming your project – including scheduling, location scouting, casting, and all the other pieces of a detailed shoot plan. This might involve utilizing specific camera equipment, drone filming, specialized audio equipment, hair & make-up, special effects, or even some stunts. Through our collaboration and connection with industry professionals, we have access to the right people to accomplish the task. We also strive to make the shooting experience as relaxed and collaborative as possible. We make make sure that everyone feels comfortable, at ease, and excited about what we’re making together!


After filming, our team takes the project into the edit suite. Our editors start building the story, cutting the footage, and adding all the other finishing details that make a piece come together. This includes editing, audio mixing, music, colour-grading, graphics and titles. This is where we polish the content and deliver it to you. Or, if you have content that has already been shot, we can handle the editing and post-production on that specific content.

We've Created

Award Ceremonies & Acceptance Speeches
Corporate Videos
Educational Training & E-Learning Series
Fundraising Videos
Independent Films
Live Streams
Marketing & Social Media Content
Music Videos
Promotional Videos
School Events & Performance Videos
Special Event Full Length & Highlight Videos

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Charities & Not-For-Profit Organizations
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Engineering & Project Management
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