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Roadwest Pictures

Words explain what.
Pictures show how.
Film makes you feel why.

About Us

We speak to the heart, from the heart.
Roadwest Pictures is an award-winning Calgary-based video production company focused on creating engaging content that speaks to the heart. What we value most are the human connections we make – the connections that make us dig deeper to really understand, and to help others feel why.


Caregivers in the Wild


Nikon Lenswear Commercials


Egg Farmers of Alberta


Having a meaningful and genuine connection with you is important to us. We want to create video content that really helps you feel good about making it.

Let’s get to know each other and figure out how we can work together. And if we connect well together, then the content we make will connect with and impact others.


As humans, our best work is done when we collaborate together. We want the experience to be one of new ideas, excitement and some fun – and we’ll guide you through the process. The intention to make a video, whether it’s a fundraising launch or an educational series, all starts with a desire to build connection and understanding.

Let’s work together to find a concept that speaks to the heart.


Film makes us feel why.
And we want to make people feel. Not just see. Not just understand. But feel.

We can offer our creative brains to your idea, and together we can create a concept that can make people really feel. Let’s think outside the box a little.


Joel Goundry

Artistic Producer

Joel’s approach has always been about people. His attention to detail and his commitment to integrity & relationships ensures clients have an exceptional experience. With a background in feature film production, theatre, and on-location shooting, he skillfully tells diverse stories with a lot of heart.


Dan Perrott

Creative Director

Dan is our ideas guy. With diverse skills in writing, directing, editing and music composition for the screen and stage, his ability to look at things from a new angle is what elevates Roadwest projects to the next level.


Evan Thies

Technical Director

With over a decade of experience in the post-production field, Evan brings a wealth of technical knowledge to Roadwest. He oversees the technical aspects of our post-production department, while also getting to use his creative side as a video editor on various Roadwest projects.


Shelby Reinitz

Production Coordinator

Shelby has been keeping projects of all shapes and sizes organized for over 15 years. With an award-winning writing, acting and directing background in theatre, she also brings a distinct creative lens and wealth of experience to her work and the team at Roadwest.

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