Video Services

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We take any video project from idea through to completion, and provide access to all the services needed along the way.

Think making a video is really complicated? Not on your end. We handle everything and guide you through the whole process.
Here are some of the types of videos we make...


Expanding your business? Launching a new product? Raising awareness? We can help you grow your business and increase your profile. We put you in the spotlight with creative, exciting and entertaining video production.

Case In Point - Check These Out:

  • Nikon Lenswear Commercial
  • YMCA Belonging Video
  • Attainable Homes Commercial

Comedy Marketing

Humour is effective. If people are laughing, they're paying attention. If they're paying attention, they're listening and they're engaged. What better way to reach a captive audience with your message? Let us help you create something people will remember and share.

Case In Point - Check These Out:

  • The Force is Strong With You
  • The Shakespeare Factory
  • POD Marketing McDonald's Challenge

Music Videos

These days, music videos can take on any format you can imagine. We work with musicians to make their songs come alive in new and different ways. We can also write, record and produce the song for you, if needed.

Case In Point - Check These Out:

  • Cry In Your Sleep Music Video
  • If I Could Build a Woman Music Video
  • Theatre Life Music Video
  • Video Production
  • Video Production
  • Music Composition
    Video Production


From short films, to web series, to children's entertainment, to long-form projects - this is a chance to delve into a narrative. We provide a comfortable environment to create and tell great stories - from the page straight through to the screen.

Case In Point - Check This Out:

  • Being There Web Series
  • Gramps' Garage
  • The Peak Short Film Trailer